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Sharmers Day Trips, Tours & Excursions in Sharm El Sheikh

Think, when was the last time you did something for the first time!! Well, it’s yet to happen and Sharmers Excursions will help in creating a wonderful memory and an unforgettable holiday plan in the little paradise Sharm El Sheikh.

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Sharmers Magazine, your Guide to news, reviews and travel tips that you can use, for iPad & iPhone or Pc, keep an eye on your upcoming trip in Sharm El Sheikh.

WiFi this Holiday in Sharm El Sheikh !!

Your Holiday is redefined if you can only RENT a portable high-speed wireless modem for a very reasonable price, try Sharmers portable WiFi, up to 4 hours of battery life!

Swim with Dolphins in Sharm El Sheikh

Immerse your self in the adventure of your life time. swim, kiss, hug, touch, sing and play with Dolphins. An unforgettable and MUST do for all Marine Life fans.

Cairo Excursion by Air from Sharm

Take one day tour to the great pyramids of Giza with our professorial tour guides, have lunch, take a Nile cruise and visit the Cairo museum all in one day.

Aqua Park Excursion in Sharm El Sheikh

Enjoy the summer heat and the heart pumping slides here at the biggest water park in town, this excursion is fun for all ages, be brave, take the leap of doom !!

SOHO Square Sharm Tour !! 

Unforgettable tour to SOHO Square, Visit The ice Bar, Shop, have Diner in a romantic atmosphere, see an amazing documentary about Egypt at Culturama.

Scuba Diving Excursion, Tiran Island

Explore the underwater life teeming with rich colorful reefs and marine life, Get your PADI diving Certificate in Sharm El Sheikh. 

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Sharmers Awesome City Tour

Sharm El Sheikh

Get to know Sharm El Sheikh before you actually decide where to go or what to do with a detailed description of each point of interest in the city on a Private city tour.

Popular Things To do in Sharm El Sheikh

Star Gazing excursion in sharm el sheikh’s night desert.

Quad Biking discover the echo mountain, have tea in a bedouin tent.

PaintBalling think quickly, hold your ground and win the battle.

Snorkeling Trip  to Ras Mohammed National Park by boat.

Top Rated Tours & Excursions in Sharm El Sheikh

Pirate Boat Trip – Sharm El Sheikh

Ever felt like a pirate ! we invite you to one of the best boat trips you ever going to experience, have lunch, snorkel and have fun aboard our amazing Pirate’s Premier Boat.

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Cairo by Plane Over Day Tour

Get the chance to see the wondrous city of Cairo, this excursion offers all the sightseeing spots guided by professional tour leaders in just one day, one excursion.

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Luxor by Plane Over Day Tour

Luxor is  described as the world’s biggest open air museum, it has almost a third of the world’s monuments & statues. the trip is a lesson in the history of the ancient Pharaohs & it’s Loved by all.

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Petra by Ferry Over Day Tour

It’s Jordan’s most valuable treasure, one of the most unique remaining wonders, Petra tour offers a great value & the chance of seeing the Sculpted treasury, Ready to be overwhelmed !

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Scuba Diving Excursion, Tiran Island

Explore the underwater life teeming with rich colorful reefs and marine life, Get your PADI diving Certificate in Sharm El Sheikh.

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Sharmer’s Excursions offer Tours to any place around sharm el sheikh as well as Organized Visits, Trips & Excursions in Sharm El Sheikh.

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